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October 10 , 2022

Home Remedies - Top Natural Remedies for Acne, Backache, Cold, Obesity and More

Fed up of the side effects of the medication, people are now shifting towards indispensable curatives for the cure & treatment of common problems.

Home remedies are one of the stylish druthers that have proven to be cheap and can be fluently performed at home without too important trouble. Since periods, our ancestors were using these home remedies to treat conditions, but the rearmost inventions and discoveries in the field of drug have overshadowed the benefits of these manual remedies. lately, people have again shifted towards these home remedies. Talk to the Top Ayurvedic Doctors Near Me to know the best remedies for your health problems.

Natural Home Remedies for Common Diseases Are:


  • Apply cucumber leaves or diced cucumber to the afflicted area to treat acne.
  • Apply the fenugreek leaf to the affected region overnight, then wash it off in the morning.
  • Combine 1 tablespoon besan flour and 1 teaspoon lemon juice to make a homogeneous paste. After drying, apply to the neck and face and rinse


  • To quickly relieve acidity, drink a glass of cool milk.
  • For immediate relief, drink a cup of tea and a teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Chewing bubble gum will also provide relief from acidity in a few minutes.


  • Consume walnuts (Akhrot) or fresh coconut early in the morning.
  • Put warm mustard oil on a madar leaf and apply it to the acne. And drink radish juice with sugar.


  • Drink black coffee; the warmth will break down the inflammation, and caffeine helps to eliminate tightness in the chest and throat.
  • Add Tulsi leaves—around 30 in one litre of water—and stir. Strain the leaves and drink water throughout the day


  • Remove the peel from apples and eat them once or twice a day
  • If you have anaemia, beet juice is very beneficial


  • Drink hot milk or water. Also add powdered metha soda, sonth and salt.
  • Massage your back using turpentine oil.
  • For temporary relief, heat can be applied at the back with a hot water bottle.

Common cold:

  • Add a few drops of garlic oil and a tablespoon of onion juice to a glass of water.
  • Apply camphor water or oil to the chest and throat.
  • To soothe a sore throat, mix honey and lemon juice in hot water.


  • Mix a tablespoon of corn syrup into a glass of water and drink it.
  • Drink a glass of prune juice to help stimulate bowel motions.
  • Constipation can also be relieved by drinking coffee.


  • Make a paste of one teaspoon camphor and one teaspoon sandalwood and apply it to the affected area.
  • Drinking aloe vera juice will assist you in cleansing your system.

Hair loss:

  • To prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth, wash your hair with mint or spearmint tea.
  • Use white vinegar to wash your hair on a daily basis to prevent hair loss.

High blood pressure:

  • Combine half the onion juice and half the honey. For 1-2 weeks, take 2 tablespoons once a day.
  • For one month, eat two cloves of garlic every morning and one papaya every day.

High Blood Cholesterol:

  • Drinking onion juice every day for a week can help decrease cholesterol levels.
  • Eat a few garlic cloves every day to decrease cholesterol.


  • Drink aloe vera juice, papaya juice, or tea made from chamomile, comfrey, red raspberry, or mint.
  • A glass of water with a tablespoon of baking soda can bring relief right away.


  • For 3 to 4 months, consume 10 fresh curry leaves in the morning.
  • Every day for three months, drink a glass of water with three teaspoons of lime juice, a quarter teaspoon of black pepper, and one teaspoon of honey.
  • Consume fresh sliced tomatoes, onions, and lemon juice.
  • Every morning, drink lemon juice, honey, and warm water.

Sore throat:

  • Every hour, gargle with vinegar or salt water.
  • Drink hot milk with honey before retiring to bed to alleviate a sore throat.
  • A teaspoon of honey can help soothe a sore throat.


  • Chew 12 Tulsi leaves twice a day, in the morning and evening, to relieve tension.
  • a range of seeds, including alfalfa, sunflower, and pumpkin, to ease stress.

These home remedies are incredibly effective and have no negative side effects on the body. Get to know more about ayurveda on Health Gennie, an Online Doctor Consultation App where you will find the best doctors in the medical field to remedy all your health problems with one click on our app. Ayurveda is known to be the oldest and most guaranteed solution to all health problems. Try these home remedies ritualistically to see the results as soon as possible. To know more about Ayurveda and its benefits, connect with Best Ayurveda Doctor in Jaipur and get the best advice on your medical problems. With the best and most certified medical help, you can beat any disease and live a healthy life.


The information on this blog is not a substitute for any professional medical diagnosis or treatment. The blog contains text, images or graphics are solely for informational purpose. Before implementing the information mentioned above, seek the advice of a professional doctor regarding any doubt or question you may have about the medical condition or treatment. Also, take the advice of a professional health care provider before making changes in your health care routine.

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