CompleteHealth IT Solutions

Health Gennie is a
Preventive Health care IT concept

Health Gennie is a Preventive Health care IT concept based on the complete Health Care for anyone in need. With the Right health care at the right time, Patients can enjoy a healthy life style by staying connected with Health care providers and take control of their Health right from their home. We provide complete Health IT solutions which include complete EHR systems, Reporting and Analytics, Financial monitoring and solutions. Health Gennie is promoted by well-known Physicians, Software Professionals with experience in US Health Care IT and Corporates.

Why Health Gennie?

Preventive Health

Health Gennie provide Preventive Health care concept by running campaigns on patients.

Offers Health Care

Health Gennie offers Health care information electronically with in depth data analytics and predictive analysis.

Understand the
Challenges Clinicians

At Health Gennie, we understand the challenges clinicians’ face, which helps us in building smart and easy to use.

Health IT adoption in India - Health Gennie