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each one help one

The same situation has come again where beds are not available in the Hospitals, Covid patients are increasing at an exorbitant pace, and businesses are getting closed and people again are struggling for their survival.

Daily wages workers, dependents, people in tier3, tier 4 and villages are not able to travel to cities for treatments of Covid and non covid problems.

We think its time to think about the survival and help mankind in atleast what each person should get to survive. We at Health Gennie has taken this initiative to help needy persons who are getting deprived on the Health care they need no matter where they are. With our slogan of EACH ONE HELP ONE, we have pledged to give our subscription of our Health care plan free of cost to such families who really need help in this difficult time. With every purchase of a subscription plan, one family will get a similar plan free of cost. You can choose a family of your choice or we can assign a family who is in dire need of such health care.

With your small help, a family may survive this pandemic and help their children grow in an environment which they deserve. We want to help 10000 such families and each of your contribution can make a big difference.
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Plan start from only Rs. 599/-