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March 5 , 2020

What Role Does Nutrition Play in Our Health?

Nutrition, because it applies to our daily lives, means that we need to consume everything and we need to maintain a healthy state of our body.

Because USDA is involved in our daily food needs, and FDA is involved in determining what is safe for us and what is dangerous for us, nutrition has become an important word for our healthy lifestyle.

What about eating habits? What about vitamins? How does daily intake affect our health? Make you believe or understand more. The body's ability to maintain good conditions under any conditions other than ideal is a direct result of daily nutrition. The mental capacity to stay healthy is again a direct result of our intake of nutrients. For example, if we don't have the necessary protein input in our daily diet, the human brain cannot develop normally. No protein, no intelligence.

Nutrition refers to the upbringing of our body, that is, our ability to maintain health and proper functions. We have the ability to provide the body with all the necessary foods, vitamins and minerals, so that we can continue to thrive in our daily lives.

How do we determine that we are providing basic nutritional needs to our body? This knowledge comes from self-education of our personal needs, family needs, and then applies this knowledge to the food we buy, prepare and eat at home.

Health is a science course that covers personal hygiene, disease, and a wide range of health issues applicable to the general public. No one cares about how to get the best health from our eating habits. Interestingly, we skipped over the most important and fundamental components of staying healthy: nutrition and calorie expenditure in food.

I personally believe that we should combine the fields of nutrition and physical activity to provide everyone who enters in the school system with personal knowledge about their physical needs, calories, and nutrition so that they can complete education and analytical and mathematical skills with physical and mental abilities.

Nutrition is a concept that should be as important to our counting ability as our educational process. The ability to recognize our nutritional needs finds the food we need to meet those needs and cannot distinguish between healthy food consumption and "unhealthy" eating habits. Not for a healthy, happy, long and quality life.

What we should absorb in our daily life is a way to integrate good nutrition into our lifestyle. There is usually as much space as good and bad, and as it happens, bad nutritional habits are more attractive. Poor nutrition earns more advertising revenue than the healthy nutrition choices, and is often easier to spot. But that doesn't mean it's easier, more convenient or cheaper. It usually takes about two weeks for a habit to switch from conscious action to unconscious thinking.

Two weeks are not long, and all decisions that can affect your life take a long time. Set an example so that your child can follow and potentially reward you, and you can be proud of them. You need to teach them every day about the good habits they want to develop, and then prove your bad habits in nutrition choices. Come on, mom and dad, let's practice our preaching.

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