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Stress, Anxiety, Depression

July 16 , 2020

Can Anxiety be Cured by Medicine or Through Mental Counseling?

Anxiety is a complex problem... not only can it be cured by taking pills or by visiting a mental health counseling expert once or twice.

Unfortunately, although the combination of medication and counseling is effective, it takes a lot of time to see the effect... and it is usually a lot of money.

If I decide to take medicine and see a therapist, which best therapy and medicine should I take to help myself be anxious? I cannot specifically answer this question for you, because everyone is different (for example, you may be allergic and unable to use a certain drug; or you may not be able to accept a specific model of psychotherapy well). That is to say, I can say that I have seen many clients do a good job in so-called "cognitive behavior therapy".

There is no way to get rid of my anxiety immediately, instead of waiting for many years; it may need medication and counseling services to start?

Yes. The number of times people need to pass therapy and anti-anxiety drugs every year can actually learn to eliminate anxiety within 10 to 15 minutes. This does not mean that counseling and medications are not a viable option...but they are not a panacea for anxiety disorders...they are just supplements to help you recover.

Why didn't the psychiatrist tell you that you can learn to make your anxiety disappear?

Bottom line: Because they need to make a living. If you don’t see their access history, then these documents will be irrelevant to you. Don't get me wrong... there are some very good professionals in the field of psychiatry. However, the fact is that if the document shrinks and lets you know that you can learn the secrets to cure anxiety in 10 to 15 minutes... they will lose a lot of income.

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